NABC Toolbar


A New Way to Contribute to the NABC!

Are you looking for a way to help the NABC without investing extra time or money? We have the answer! We're proud to share with you a new and exciting way you can help! It comes at NO COST to you and it generates much needed money for our organization!!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it almost is, but thanks to a company called OurGV Rewards and their many sponsors, we've created THE NORTH AMERICAN BEAR CENTER TOOLBAR AND MALL!

Get your NABC Toolbar today!


Just a few clicks a day will generate revenue for the NABC and help us expand our educational efforts. This Toolbar will not replace your existing toolbar. The features on the Toolbar are designed to help us raise funds in a non-intrusive way. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU. There are no pop-ups, adware, spyware or tracking and we also respect the user's privacy. It's easy to download to either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Just click on the link below—instructions are included.

The NABC's custom tool bar offers you the following buttons:

  • Web Search – use this Yahoo-powered search and generate income for the NABC. Each click on a sponsored link (listed in the shaded area or right hand side of the page) generates 5 cents for the NABC. It's that EASY – no purchase necessary!
  • Shop – use this customized mall of over 1500 stores for web purchases and generate income for the NABC each time you shop!
  • North American Bear Center – a direct link to the home page of the NABC website
  • Lily Den Cam – a direct link to the NABC's den cam page so you can check in with Lily
  • Donate Direct – a direct link to the NABC donations page
  • Refer – an easy way to refer this tool bar to your friends to further help the NABC

Get your NABC Toolbar today!

To get your own copy of the toolbar, just click here, and follow the simple instruction to install it.

In the event the Toolbar does not show up on your computer after downloading simply go to the "Tools" option on your home page browser bar. Go to Toolbars in the drop down menu. Click on the "Ourgvo – NABC Benefitbar" and it should bring up the toolbar display.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support and interest in the North American Bear Center. Working together we can continue to bring to you the best bear research and education available today.