Honey's Page


2013 - Honey at the age of 17.

Honey, NABC's cinnamon phased black bear, is currently 17 years old.

Honey's cautiousness and unpredictable behavior has endeared her to many of the staff.

Honey is a true female bear wanting privacy and is content with herself. She approaches curator and bear educators with gentle grunts of acceptance and provides them with a different look into bear personality.

All of our three bears have different personalities and all possess an ability to mystify us. Honey is no exception. A look into her beautiful brown eyes and her facial expression allows the curator, staff and bear educators to work in an appropriate manner with her. Honey, has a way to speak to us and there are no words needed. Her gentle grunts and demeanor can quickly turn into a huff if a male bear approaches. She uses body posturing and moves away from the males quickly. She is attracted to the males briefly during estrus. She is especially fond of Lucky during this time.

Honey, left her den briefly on March 25, 2013. She walked in Lucky's footsteps and made it to the chalet. She looked gorgeous, her coat healthy and eyes sleepy but focused. Honey made some sweet grunts but upon seeing Lucky she turned around and went back to her den.

We await with great anticipation to see her beautiful face as she emerges from her den for the spring. As stated, the snow is 27 to 30" deep in some parts of the enclosure, making it hard for the bears to travel.

In 2013, Honey, along with the two males, will be provided with new exploratory and foraging opportunities during enrichment periods at the NABC this summer.

Honey, along with the two males will be provided in 2013 with new exploratory and foraging opportunies during enrichment periods at the NABC this summer.


honey.jpgHoney is a female, brown phase black bear.  She arrived at the North American Bear Center on May 1st, 2007, along with Ted, a big male black bear she had grown up with.  At that time Honey weighed about 550 pounds, which is approximately the record for a female black bear.  Both Ted and Honey had lived with a family in Wisconsin for many years.  Honey is a year older than Ted, and their owner said the only reason they got Ted was because Honey was such a sweet and special bear.

Honey was unhappy during her first few weeks at the Bear Center, and we didn't see much of that ‘sweet special bear' her owner told us about.  Ted loves people and adjusted easily to his new home, but Honey missed her owner and it took her much longer to feel comfortable with us.  She was blustery and would occasionally bluff charge, apparently to give herself the "safe" area she needed.


Honey is the heaviest female black bear on record.  She weighed 555.5 pounds on November 21, 2007, beating the old record of 520 pounds (August 30, 1993) held by a wild female that also lived here in St Louis County, Minnesota. 

Honey was raised with Ted.  Both bears had access to a high protein diet that has been shown to create extra large bears.