Lucky's Page


2013 - Lucky is now 6 years old!

Lucky's playful antics has earned him the title of "comedian" at the Bear Center. Lucky has matured into a curious, playful, gorgeous bear for visitors to awe and watch at the Bear Center.

Although he and Ted are no longer playing buddies, they share the same interests in foraging for foods, denning, and entertaining visitors with their comedic antics and an interest in Honey.

Lucky's sweet and comedic personality has endeared him to educators around the world and visitors of the same. He continues to surprise us to what he plays with and how he can entertain himself with a bucket, cardboard roll or tree branch. Lucky, as of last fall, was still climbing and resting in the large white pine inside the enclosure.

Lucky is often seen walking along the fence and being attentive of what the staff are doing just beyond the fenced enclosure. His distinct curiosity keeps him busy and the staff entertained.

Ted is 16 and as Lucky (6) matures he is now testing his boundaries with Ted especially when Honey is in estrus.

The summer of 2013 will provide the three bear with more foraging and enrichment opportunities.


lucky_at_stump.jpgHow Lucky the Orphan Cub Learned to Trust Big Ted at the North American Bear Center

When Lucky was introduced to Ted and Honey on July 15, 2007, he ran in terror and leaped up a tree.  He weighed only 10 pounds, and any mistake with big bears he didn't know could end his life.


lucky.jpg Lucky was born in the wild in Wisconsin in January 2007.  He had a rough start in life.  People took him from his mother's den to keep as a pet.  Lucky bonded with the people, but they soon found he was too much of a handful to keep.  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials said he could not be released back into the wild.  Lucky was about to be killed. 

The officials asked if the North American Bear Center could take him.  Lucky arrived here on July 6, 2007, and met Ted and Honey on July 15.  He weighed about 10 pounds.  Visitors gave him his name.