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March 13, 2010

Honey - March 12, 2010Honey has been making excursions from her den next the viewing windows for several weeks now.

Ted & Lucky left their shared den at the back of the bear enclosure just this morning and came down to the building about 10:30 am. They were wide awake, thirsty, and hungry.  We enticed them onto the scale with a bit of food to determine their overwinter weight loss.  Ted weighed 640.5—down 12% from his last fall weight of 728.0 (11/14/09), and Lucky weighed 218.0—down 14% from his fall weight of 254.0 (10/08/09).

Ted gave Honey a playful run around the pond, then into the woods and back out again. Lucky just watched. They all soon went back to their dens to rest.


Bear Center Bears Begin Hibernation

Honey in Snow

Ted, Honey, and Lucky are hibernating. They should resume activity in late March or early April. Ted and Lucky are snuggled together. Honey is in a den with an opening against the viewing window where visitors can watch her from 2-3 feet away.

By next winter, we hope people will sponsor web cams in all the dens (about $4,000 per den) so visitors can watch the bears all winter on and on high definition monitors in the Bear Center.

This winter, White Wolf Entertainment is sponsoring a web cam in a wild den. In early January, we will install the camera in the den of a young female to see if she gives birth on her third birthday in mid-January. The state-of-the-art camera broadcasts color pictures by day and infrared by night. Activity triggers it to take video instead of still pictures. Cubs become quite active after their eyes open in early March. A second web cam may be placed outside the den so viewers can watch snow accumulate in the beautiful open setting in winter and watch the family spend time in and out of the den for a few days before leaving in mid-April.  —12/27/09


April 6, 2009

Ted and Lucky 'bear hug'Ted emerged from his den looking great with a shiny coat and sparkling eyes. He walked over a snow-covered mound to the viewing area where he played with Lucky for a couple hours. We moved the webcam that day to catch as much of the action as possible.

Lucky then played with Honey in the snow. Ted walked over to Honey and they greeted by touching noses. It was amazing sight to watch all three happy bears lick each other, gently paw each other, and touch noses.