• Illustrate a bear in its habitat on heavy paper.  Turn the picture over and divide the picture into puzzle pieces.  Cut along the lines.  Tell the class about the picture as it is assembled under a document camera.

  • Show what you have learned about black bears on a mural, chart, bulletin board, booklet or other form.

  • Make a model of one part of a black bear’s habitat.  Be sure to include details.  Habitat components should include:  energy sources, water, space, shelter/protection

  • Draw a picture of something a black bear would enjoy receiving as a birthday present.  Tell why he/she would enjoy this gift.

  • Create an original game board about black bears.

  • Create a model of a den.

  • Paint or draw a black bear.

  • Make a display about black bears for the library or your classroom.  Include a mobile, illustrations, models, puppets, and a tape recording, etc. to visually show what you’ve learned about black bears.

  • Use stitchery or fancy lettering to create a wall hanging about black bears.

  • Make a mural, or wall hanging with paint, chalk, cut paper, fabric, or any other media.

  • What can you do with an empty coffee can?

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