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Web Link Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y)
Y2Y turns science into action to produce tangible conservation results. They focus on development of comprehensive, large-landscape scale conservation strategies for grizzly bears, birds, and fish, and work to expand public awareness and education.
Web Link Bear Smart Durango
The mission of Bear Smart Durango, a volunteer organization, is to reduce human and bear conflict in Durango and the surrounding area, mainly by eliminating human food sources that attract bears.
Web Link Tahoe Council For Wild Bears
Our mission is to develop a bear education and conservation program through a collaborative effort that includes residents, property owners, visitors, government agencies, private non-profit organizations and the local business community.
Web Link BEAR League
Our mission is to promote "People living in harmony with bears." We believe that education is the cornerstone of our mission.
Web Link BEAR Education And Resource Group
The Bear Education And Resource (BEAR) Group was formed to educate the public about black bears, while fostering a peaceful coexistence between bears and humans.
Web Link Black Bear Conservation Committee
The mission of the Black Bear Conservation Committee (BBCC) is to restore the Louisiana black bear to its historic range through education, research, and management of habitat and bear populations.
Web Link Wildlife Research Institute
Working with biologist Lynn Rogers, Ph.D. the Wildlife Research Institute is conducting the longest and most detailed black bear study and the largest educational outreach program ever for black bears. Research focuses on improving coexistence betwee
Web Link BEARS: Bear Education, Awareness and Research in Slovakia
Working to solve the most frequent problems of coexistence with bear and wolves, raise the public's knowledge of them, and correct common misconceptions.
Web Link
An online guide to the plants, animals, birds and landforms of the Rocky Mountains, containing an extensive section on bear and cougar safety.
Web Link Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGC)
Information on bear biology; and bear safety information for backcountry hikers, campers, hunters and photographers.
Web Link World Society of the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
WSPA is an animal welfare charity that works internationally and locally to end cruelty to animals through field work, campaigning, and education.
Web Link Great Bear Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of bears and their habitat around the world.
Web Link International Association of Bear Research and Management (IBA)
A non-profit tax-exempt organization open to professional biologists, wildlife managers and others dedicated to the conservation of all bear species.
Web Link Cloudline Co-Existence
A wonderful site about Canadian Charlie Russell's work to rehabilitate wild grizzly bear cubs in Russia -- complete with diary entries.
Web Link Bear Alliance
The Bear Alliance is a project of Animal Alliance of Canada initially set up to ban the spring bear hunt in Ontario. We continue to use our broad coalition of bear experts, organizations and supporters in further initiatives to help bears.
Web Link Wind River Bear Institute
The Wind River Bear Institute's (WRBI's) "Partners in Life" program is founded and led by veteran bear biologist Carrie Hunt. This Program teaches bears and people to coexist by using highly trained and carefully selected Karelian Bear Dogs.
Web Link Get Bear Aware
A great government resource about the problem, prevention, the role of the Conservation Officer Service and BC Bear Tolerant Communities.
Web Link Bear With Us
Bear With Us was conceived in 1992. Educating people about bears and their behavior, promoting co-existence between people and bears reduces conflicts.
Web Link Bear Scare
Specialized in the training of non-lethal methods to prevent human-wildlife conflicts.
Web Link Bear Affairs: Steve Searles Non-lethal Bear Management Program
A unique pioneering non-lethal aversive program with the bears of Mammoth Lakes, California.