Custom NABC Ringtones - Free!

We decided to provide the ringtones of Hope nursing & screaming FREE as a 'Thank You!' to all the loyal and loving Lily & Hope fans. There are two versions of the nursing ringtone. One is 5 seconds long and perfect for phones that are capable of looping ringtones. The other is 30 seconds long and good for phones that do not support looping ringtones. The screaming ringtone is 12 seconds long.  All ringtones are in the MP3 format.

Please note that we are not offering support for installation of the ringtones.  There are just too many different phones out there, with too many different variables, for our tiny staff to easily support any issues you might have.  So these ringtones are offered 'as is.'

Ringtone of Hope humming while nursing - Click here to download.

Ringtone of Hope screaming - Click here to download.

NEW - September 2010 - Ringtone of Dr. Lynn Rogers "It's me bear..." - Click here to download.

Thank you to Linda Gibson who kindly created the Hope ringtone files for us and even pulled together some installation instructions. Click here to read the installation instructions.

Thank you to Parker Brown Sound for Dr. Rogers "It's me bear..." ringtone.